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Buy Only The Original

Practically millions of people go for Swiss watches at discount prices. Examples of such watches are the discount Concord watch, Ebel discount watch, Corum watches, and a diamond watch.

These and other fine timepieces are now available on the Internet. According to studies, Rolex produces roughly 650,000 to 800,000 watches yearly. But sad to say, counterfeiters around the world produce 10 times more annually, turning what was once a street business operated by vendors into a multi-billion dollar industry!

While the experts can discern a $5,000 worth Rolex from a $50 replica, majority of the common folks cannot point out which is which. Another sad truth is that fake watches continue to grow in big numbers every single day.

Like cell phones, the best and most accurate way to Fake Rolex Watches distinguish a genuine Rolex from a replica is by checking its serial number, model number, case back ID, and movement signature (the four primary verification methods used by professionals) by looking between its bottom lugs (the area that connects the band to its case), top lugs, and by opening its case back.

Rolex does not make watches with clear case backs! If Rolex Replica you encounter one of these, dont take time strapping them on. Most of the time, a replica has a clear case back allowing you to see the inside of the watch. Engraved case backs, with the exception of a circa 1990s rare Ladies model and the Sea-Dweller, are also bad news since Rolex never engraves slogans or logos on its case backs. All Rolex watches are free from engravings.

A newly purchased Rolex watch will come with a 3D hologram-encoded sticker on its case back. Also note the trademark of Rolex, which is a crown, positioned above the case reference number so it can be easily identified. Oftentimes, a false hologram sticker wont even have the 3D effect when viewed. It would simply appear as Cheap Rolex Watches a hard, concrete pattern that doesnt change in appearance.

Attention owners and future owners of the Sea-Dweller, Submariner, and Daytona Rolex models, for your watches possess the trip lock crown feature of Rolex. The genuine Rolex has the extra seal on the rubber O-ring on the winding tube, while the counterfeit comes with no seal at all. It is worth mentioning this to a prospective buyer of a secondhand Rolex wristwatch, since its original parts and accessories could have been replaced.

Look at the Micro-etched Crystal

Sometime in 2002, Rolex established a micro-etching crown (also called coronet) just below the six oclock marker. Although it is better seen through the help of a Best Rolex Watches jewelers loupe, the crown on a genuine Rolex is obviously more distinguishable than that on the counterfeit Rolex. Whats more, the false Rolex is poorly designed indicating that its not worth your money.